Firewalling, routing, switching and wireless for data and storage networks.

Secure, high performing and solid in a cloud and on-premise environment.


Networks are the basis for your business models, and your business is too important for a poor network. Being in love with vintage equipment or inflexible structures do not necessarily lead to greater productivity.

Have you figured out what your network can do for you?

1. Your network can be your best line of defense in your security perimeter.
2. Your network can respond flexible to your requirements.
3. Your network helps you to communicate securely.
4. Your network can be easy to operate and highly automated to maintain.
5. Your network can put a smile on your employees’ and administrators’ faces.

Surprise yourself and your loved ones with an unchained high-performance network, free from attackers, hassle and malfunctions.

Network transformation to IPv6

In addition to the fact that IPv4 addresses can no longer be obtained free of charge, but must be purchased at a high price, IPv4 also leads to greater complexity depending on the use case:

- IPv6 is the primary protocol for all mayor operating systems.
- IPv6 is a consistent implementation of the end-to-end principle.
- IPv6 takes out complexity.
- IPv6 lowers the latency.
- IPv6 Quality of service is more efficient.
- IPv6 simplifies the implementation of IPsec.

IPv6 is not the future, it is the present. There is no point in configuring around IPv6.
Late implementations drive up costs unnecessarily and cause delays.
When you read this text, these letters are served over the IPv6 network.

Take a look at the statistics:

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