Mobile security

Mobile security not only brings up new challenges to users, but also new business opportunities and distributed working.

Mobile security

In order to take full advantage of these opportunities and at the same time provide users with a secure application experience, secure access to corporate resources is required in addition to effective mobile device management.

Conversely, the enterprise must be protected from uncontrolled apps and security vulnerabilities of mostly single-user operating systems.


To protect our data and customer data, we primarily use open source software and consistently apply the principle of data economy. For the mobile purpose, we use GrapheneOS on our mobile phones. GrapheneOS is an operating system based on the Android open source project, which focuses on Android security. An excellent team of international developers has its finger on the pulse of mobile security and puts years of know-how into GrapheneOS without compromise.

To promote the project, Barrington Consulting offers all our customers a free upgrade from Google Stock Android to GrapheneOS. You just need a Google Pixel 6 or 7 phone from a retailer of your choice, and we will perform the GrapheneOS upgrade for you free of charge.

GrapheneOS offers the possibility - if needed - to run invasive Google services in a sandboxed compatibility layer and the use of the official Google PlayStore with all its apps and much more. Eliminate tracking with a fingertip and enjoy the benefits of privacy-friendly mobile computing.
If you are satisfied, a donation of your choice would greatly help the project to continue providing the best mobile security currently available.

* * *

In the unlikely event you are dissatisfied, a reset of the phone free of charge back to Google Stock Android is possible.

Do not wait any longer and use this privacy-oriented and mobile security-trimmed operating system. We will help you with the switch.

Please visit for a full feature overview the homepage of the project:

We also offer training to interested parties on the secure use of mobile operating systems, including the implementation of mobile device management and the creation of mobile security processes in your company.

Do you need to cross borders in China, Japan, Russia, the U.S. or Saudi Arabia and carry confidential documents and files on your device?

Give us a call, and we will show you how to maintain confidentiality.