InfoSec consulting does not come off the shelf …

… instead, it is one of the services we cover in detail in a longer talk.


InfoSec consulting

As consultants, we do not assume that you already know 100% what you need.
Existing things would only be looked at from a different angle, but not fundamentally questioned. We are not committed to this approach.

To solve complex requirements, we look deeper and more intensively into the lower levels …

Our first step is to acquire as much information as possible to understand your current status.

The next step is to identify strengths and weaknesses to determine what efforts we can make to bring about improvements. We will carefully consider our resources and latest research to support our success.

Once we have successfully conducted our research and are satisfied with the results ourselves, we make sure that we can integrate the results in the most reliable way.

Only when we have proven this to your satisfaction, we move forward to the realization and share the elaborated information with your team.

Expect us being open, transparent and precise with our results and work.

Threat modelling

You already know a lot about cyberattacks and the impact of data breaches. A new threat here and a response there. Most of your responses are patching, patching, patching.

But not every strike is existence threatening. Sorting out the severity, the potential consequences and the costs of mitigation brings the discussion back to a reasonable, manageable level.

Get an idea of the situation where the clock is ticking, and your customers count the hours. How much do you need to invest to prevent such a situation?
And how do you achieve a status that allows you to respond quickly in case of an incident?

We can help you find solutions and ensure that resources are used effectively.

System hardening

In the long run, you have a vision of how to address and significantly improve various architectural circumstances. According to the Pareto principle, you need 80% of the energy in digging deeper to reach the remaining 20% of your track.
This leads you to hardening your systems.

The hurdle might be that you have to manage so many different devices, operating systems and applications from different vendors that a hardening process seems light years away.
At this point, the specialists enter the scene and have the advanced answers to protect your investments.

Avoid endless, lengthy, painful procedures to meet immature security feng shui. Instead, take remedial action to comprehensively reduce attacker exposure.