HSM, hardware token, security key

A hardware security module secures private keys against remote attacks and remote extraction

and is specially hardened against all types of attacks.

HSM, hardware token, security key

It is the most secure method to ensure protection of sensitive information and data.

HSMs provide secure storage of cryptographic keys and the ability to perform cryptographic operations such as:

- hashing,
- key wrapping,
- asymmetric signing,
- decryption,
- attestation

which makes it an important component in a tamper-proof infrastructure.

Cloud HSMs and HSM SaaS

During the cloud transformation, you need to plan where to store your private keys.

It is not recommended to entrust your private keys to the cloud service where you process your data.

But you do not need to host on premise HSMs.
Instead, it is better to use a distributed network of hosted HSMs.

Different form factors and applications

While HSMs secure PKIs, servers, private keys for cloud computing, etc., hardware security keys allow users to:

- authenticate securely and passwordless,
- store private keys and certificates,
- encrypt data like files and emails with S/MIME certificates.

Modern hardware security keys provide strong multiprotocol and multifactor authentication for everyday use.

Ask us how you can store your keys securely and be inspired by the almost infinite application possibilities.