Data center

Our roots are in the data center.

Only at the front line, you learn there is no room for compromises and wrong decisions.

Data center

Is running your own server room or operating in a data center more elaborate?

Enclosed are some answers to evaluate this question:

1. Add up all the costs of power, air conditioning, uninterruptible power supplies, room rental and rack equipment to a sum.

2. If available, add the cost of sufficient and redundant internet bandwidth.

3. Fulfil many requirements for backup, data protection, failsafe operation and insurances.

4. If the company operates multiple branches and/or employs many sales representatives, a data center operation is preferable.

5. Compare cloud offerings of the major hyperscalers and the operation of a private cloud with the benefit to fully control your data.

6. Interoperability will never be the strategy of major hyperscalers.

7. Instead, hyperscalers appear attractive to keep you dependent and will raise their prices constantly. Do the math and add 14% to today’s hyperscaler offer every two years.

8. Do not underestimate the hidden complexity of ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) and its successor SASE (Secure Access Service Edge).

Palo Alto Networks on ZTNA 1.0 is over


Every solution has its advantages. Hyperscalers seem to be attractive and a quick path to achieve your strategic business goals. Relying on them can be very costly and can lead you to a dead end.
To operate in a co-location data center could be a strategic choice to keep costs low and your data under your control.

Talk to us and we show you all the options including cloud only, running a private cloud in a data center and mixing different offers and services to your needs.