Confidential computing

Secure and trusted computing.

With confidential computing, you compute fully encrypted in a trusted environment. And you retain full control over your data, your models and/or over the results.

Confidential computing

Sounds great, what is the business case for confidential computing?

Imaging you want to analyze your data and your results are demonstrably not of sufficient quality.

Collaborations with competitors would improve the quality of the analysis results, but data sharing is not an option.

Maybe you belong to an association and want to analyze data with other members without disclosing the data to others.

Or you want to process sensitive personal data in the cloud and need to source the model from a third party.

Then confidential computing is the solution.

With confidential computing, only you have access to your data or model. At the same time, you can analyze data fully encrypted without any third party getting insight.

You can improve your analysis results by including the data of others, without you or anyone else gains knowledge into the data of others.

Unlike fully homomorphic encryption, your applications are not limited to specific mathematical operations and the results are attestable.

Confidential computing Homomorphic encryption
In hardware and software In software only
No computation limitations Some computation limitations
Code integrity No code integrity
Code confidentiality No code confidentiality
Attestable No attestability
Available today Needs still development

We would be happy to present you the opportunities of confidential computing in more detail and show you ways to realize your projects.