3rd level support

For all our sold products, we provide prioritized 3rd level support case management as part of our after sales programs.

3rd level support

While you concentrate on your business, we solve the most complex support cases for you in the background with our team.

Internal IT projects take up a lot of energy in a company. Once started, the most intensive preparations are forgotten and time is running out until the project is completed.

All the more annoying and expensive is the occurrence of support cases during the implementation. Our good relationships with the manufacturers and developers over many years help to escalate and solve support cases in such situations as quickly as possible.

After the completion of the implementation, we are continuously helping with our knowledge and contacts.

In the operation phase, we offer our customers support contracts with special interdisciplinary knowledge at defined SLAs and emergency plans in addition to manufacturer maintenance contracts.

This way, customers do not have to worry about expensive and scarce specialized personnel and can concentrate on their core business.

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